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[Watch] Bartow County bus driver saves child from a reckless driver

August 29, 2019 – 1:30PM


Authorities say the actions of a Bartow County School bus driver possibly prevented a 15-year old student from being seriously injured.

According to the Bartow County Sheriff’s Office, Shannon Banks was operating her bus on Young Road near Cartersville and approached the student at the stop.

Banks activated the bus caution lights and when the bus stopped, its red lights and the stop sign system was activated.

The bus driver saw an older model pickup truck quickly approaching from behind.

The pickup appeared as though it was going to pass the bus and travel into the path of the student.

Banks immediately began to blow the bus horn in long blasts signaling the student who was able to quickly get in front of the bus as the truck passed and just kept going.

The driver of that pickup, 42-year-old Blake Tyson Lockwood was tracked down and charged with reckless driving, tampering with evidence, failure to maintain a lane, failure to stop for a school bus while loading or unloading, failure to obey a stop sign, driving an unsafe vehicle, removing the tag to conceal the identity of a vehicle and improper right turn.

The bus driver has received a letter from Bartow County Sheriff Clark Millsap thanking her for her quick actions.