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Calhoun Police urging vigilance following report of men impersonating officers

December 26, 2019–8:13 a.m.


The Calhoun Police Department would like to remind its citizens and its visitors to always be vigilant.

The Calhoun Police Department has received a single report of two males that have identified themselves as Police Officers, the males were driving an unmarked vehicle wearing “Blue Police type” clothing. While the two males did not harm the complainant of this report, the Calhoun Police Department takes the actions of the two males very seriously.

This is a rare occurrence and we never want to see anything like this happen in our community, we want to provide our citizens with a few steps to consider if you feel you are not being pulled over or stopped legitimately.

Chief Pyle asks you to take a minute to read the tips if you have a young driver in your family use the tips as an opportunity to teach our younger drivers.

Tips if you feel the traffic stop or officer’s actions to be suspicious

If you see an unmarked vehicle behind you with Blue lights flashing.

While using your signals, safely yield to the right as you slow your vehicle to a stop. If this occurs at night attempt to stop your vehicle in a well-lit or populated area. If in a rural area that is not adequately lit then activate your emergency flashers, wave your hand out the window so the officer sees that you acknowledge them. Continue at a slow speed to the closest well-lit or public area. A suspicious driver may also call 911 to get a confirmation that an Officer is trying to pull them over (please remember the hands-free law).

Don’t get out of the vehicle to approach the officer, we don’t like that anyway.

If the officer does not identify himself or is not wearing a Police uniform.

Look for a uniform, official jacket and other equipment used by Police Officers.

If unsure explain to the Officer that you are unsure about the situation.

It is completely acceptable to ask a Police Officer to identify themselves, even more so if they are not wearing a uniform. A real Police Officer will provide you with their name, the department they represent and badge number on request. If you do not feel comfortable, call 911. Tell them you feel like something suspicious is going on. You can ask them to verify the officer’s name or badge number to make sure the traffic stop is legit.

If the information that you have provided to 911 is not recognized as legitimate then a Police Officer will be sent to you immediately.

If they immediately tell you to get out of the car without any preliminary questions, be suspicious.

Trust your own instincts. If they don’t seem to be a real Police Officer then they are probably not.

At the Calhoun Police Department, our Officers are easily identified. All Officers are issued a Department identification card, Calhoun Police patches, nameplates/patch, badge, and standardized duty equipment and uniform. Our Detectives all carry their Departmental identification card and badge if they are not wearing a uniform.

Chief Pyle would like to invite you to stop by the Calhoun Police Department if you have not seen the standardized Calhoun Police uniforms and meet our Officers.