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Georgia DOT Issues Caution Warning to drivers for Black Ice

February 20th, 2020 – 5:35 PM

Georgia Department of Transportation –

With winter weather and some expected accumulation of snow on roadways this afternoon and evening in north Georgia, GDOT crews are treating roads as necessary and will continue to monitor roadways, overpasses and bridges throughout the evening and into the morning for hotspot areas and the potential need for treatment to areas as temperatures drop heading into Friday morning.

As cold rain continues to fall over much of north and central Georgia this evening, there is a concern that overnight freezing of residual water (or slush) will result in a transparent coating of ice on the roadways. This coating is known as black ice. Temperatures could dip below freezing as far south as Atlanta. Georgia DOT warns motorist to drive slowly and use caution, especially during the morning commute.

How to Drive on Black Ice
The first reaction when hitting black ice is to remain calm. The general rule is to do as little as possible and allow the car to pass over the ice. Avoid braking or pump the brakes and try to keep the steering wheel straight. Do not put your car in neutral, that is a myth.

If you do start to slide, remove your foot from the accelerator, and avoid slamming on the brakes. Steer away from the skid and don’t oversteer.

Georgia DOT urges travelers to exercise caution and call 511 for updated information on roadway conditions before getting on the road during a winter weather event. Georgia 511 is a free phone service that provides real-time traffic and travel information statewide, including winter weather closures, and reports of icing or other hazardous conditions on interstates and state routes. Callers can transfer to operators to request assistance or report incidents 24 hours a day, seven days a week. More information is available at