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Georgia National Guard At Oakview On Monday

April 6th, 2020 – 3:50 PM

WZQZ Radio –

The Georgia National Guard was at Oakview Health and Rehabilitation on Monday afternoon.  The troops were there to disinfect and do a deep cleaning of the nursing facility.

Chattooga County Commissioner Jason Winters told WZQZ that he knew that the governor was making National Guard troops available to nursing facilities and hospitals but said that the response of the Georgia National Guard from Rome was quicker than expected.

Oakview’s director, Reno Lambert, told WZQZ News that he received a call from the National Guard over the weekend offering to come in and perform the deep-cleaning today.  Mr. Lambert said, “They told me that they would be here at 1 PM and they had arrived by 12:45 this afternoon.”

Lambert said that the National Guardsmen fogged the hallways and cleaned all of the rooms at Oakview with a peroxide-based Department of Defense cleaner.  Lambert said, “We clean the rooms every day, but when they offered this service we were quick to say ‘yes’ to that offer.”   The cleaner is non-toxic but highly effective in killing viruses like COVID-19.

Lambert added, “We haven’t had any cases here at Oakview so far and we keep praying we don’t.  The National Guard troops were very nice folks and very efficient in what they did for us.”  Lambert said that the National Guardsmen completed their task around 3 PM on Monday.