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[VIDEO] Redmond Regional Medical Center Celebrates 83 year old man’s COVID-19 Recovery and Discharge

April 18th, 2020

Redmond Regional Medical Center (Rome, GA) – 

“Today, we had the honor and joy of celebrating Mr. Ted Thomas (83 years young!) on his RECOVERY from COVID-19 after 42 days at Redmond Regional Medical Center! Stay tuned til the end to see him talking with Dr. Jennifer Barbieri, Harbin Clinic Pulmonologist as well as Redmond CCU registered nurses Zach Gibson, Bekah Blanton, and Kinsley Clevenger – all who cared for Mr. Thomas during the most critical portion of his hospitalization. You’ll also hear a sweet thank you from Mr. Thomas daughter, Sandra Stanley, as she meets the nurses and Dr. Barbieri in person for the first time! (With visitor restrictions, they had previously only communicated via FaceTime and phone calls). As we celebrate Mr. Thomas, we also thank all of our dedicated colleagues who cared for him throughout his recovery: Physicians, ER, Respiratory, 4th Floor, CCU, 3rd Floor, and Inpatient Rehab.

It’s times like these that show what you’re made of. At Redmond, what we’re made of is incredible people. Passionate people who care without reservation or limits. Courageous people who show up ready to face new challenges daily. People who protect vigilantly, give selflessly and support one another tirelessly. People who bring calm to chaos. For each and every one of our colleagues, we are forever grateful.

To our community of friends and neighbors: In the weeks ahead, and as always, we are here when you need us.”