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Cartersville Medical Center establishes health insurance coverage hotline

June 19th, 2020 – 10:00 AM

Cartersville Medical Center –

A health insurance coverage hotline has been established by Cartersville Medical Center’s parent company, HCA Healthcare, to assist those whose insurance coverage has been impacted by a life-changing event, such as job loss or reduced income, as a result of the economic impact caused by COVID-19.

“We realize that unemployment and furloughs due to COVID-19 are creating barriers to Bartow County residents accessing and affording health care,” said Chris Mosley, CEO.  “Through our Health Insurance Coverage Hotline, we can help guide callers through the insurance landscape to find the best option for them and their specific healthcare needs.”

Advisors are available by phone to help explain health insurance coverage options. Anyone may call the hotline and receive free, confidential and personalized guidance. Advisors will provide helpful information based on the caller’s unique situation and explain coverage choices available, such as:

•             Continuing your employer’s existing plan if you have recently lost your job (COBRA and other options)

•             Applying for coverage via a spouse’s benefit program

•             Resources that may help offset the costs of health insurance

•             Medicaid: Government healthcare for those that meet certain criteria

•             State and federal health insurance exchanges (such as the Affordable Care Act), and how to enroll due to a changing life event

The goal in providing the free hotline is to help patients get the information they need so they may confidently manage their health needs. There is no representation with any other company and the healthcare system/hospital is not selling insurance plans.For help understanding options for health insurance coverage, call the hotline advisors at (833) 541-5757 Monday-