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PSA: Rome Police warns public of Phone Scam

December 2nd, 2020 – 2:40 PM

The Rome Police Department – 

On Wednesday the Rome Police Department made the following Statement in a press release regarding a surge in local phone scams:

“The Rome Police Department has been informed that multiple individuals are receiving calls from our main phone line number, 706-238-5111, claiming to be Officers of the Rome Police Department.

When these individuals call you they say that you will have a warrant out for your arrest for unpaid fines and if you don’t pay them now you will be arrested.

They are Spoofing (*making a number show up that they aren’t using) our number in an attempt to make them look credible to get money from you.

 Please know that the Rome Police Department will NEVER call you attempting to collect fines over the telephone.

If an officer of our department reaches out to you and you would like to confirm their identity, feel free to let the officer know that you’re going to verify and call our main line at 706-238-5111.