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Domestic Machete Attack in Bartow County

December 18th, 2020 – 4:30 PM

WBHF Radio – 

(Via WBHF Radio) Dispatch sent a Bartow County deputy to a residence on Fairview Drive near Cartersville after 1:00 Wednesday morning to a physical domestic dispute involving a machete and someone throwing ceiling fan motors.

The complainant stated during an argument between 54-year-old Robert Doyle Carroll and another man. Robert allegedly hit the other man in the hand with a machete. The complainant said Robert then started grabbing ceiling fan motors out of a wheelbarrow and throwing them at the other man, striking him in the face.

The alleged victim said the machete blow cause his hand to swell and bruise. He stated the first motor Robert threw at him struck him in the face, causing lacerations around his left eye and causing his nose to bleed.

Robert stated he was arguing with the complainant over a blanket when the man went into the living room and slapped him in the face. He said he pushed the man into the motors while protecting himself.

The deputy noted the victim’s hand was swelling, turning blue, and the skin peeled back. He had a laceration under his left eye, a bloody nose with a cut across it, and a gash between his eyes.

There was blood on the floor around the door and in front of the couch where the victim stood. The victim was transported to the Cartersville Medical Center by Metro EMS. He ended up having to get stitches under the eye.

The deputy arrested Robert for aggravated assault and aggravated battery.