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Redevelopment committee briefly discusses annexation

February 24, 2021–7:44 p.m.


The Rome Redevelopment Committee briefly discussed the issue of annexation and the Riverside/Celanese neighborhood on Wednesday with two of the three commissioners on the committee indicating a desire to table the issue.

Commissioner Randy Quick was the first to speak.

“I think it’s very adamant that the majority of the citizens out there do not want this,” he said.  I would like to see this committee table this issue of mass annexation.  I would like to see putting that community at ease and that the city is not going to come in and do a mass annexation.”

Commissioner Jim Bojo also expressed a desire to let the issue rest for now.

“You know, it we want to take a look at it later or it we get enough interest from the people who are out there, and if they want to start a campaign to annex, I would like for them to step forward,” he said.

Commissioner Wendy Davis, who chairs the committee, took a different view.

“I think there is a large, vocal set of people but I’m not going to concede that’s the majority of the community,” she said.  “I think we’ve had a very good exchange of ideas.  Unfortunately I think there is a lot of distrust that goes back.”

The committee seemed to agree that conversations can continue regarding other so-called islands, which are properties that are part of the county that are surrounded by properties that are in the city.