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Rome City Commission extends mask mandate

March 8, 2021–10:40 p.m.


The Rome City Commission has voted to extend the local mask mandate.

The emergency ordinance requires facial coverings with some exceptions in public places.

“We have found out that we can only extend this 28 days according to the governor’s executive order,” said Mayor Craig McDaniel during Monday night’s commission meeting.  “I called Dr. Gary Voccio to get his opinion on us extending the mask mandate and he recommended that we extend it because 16% of the population had been vaccinated.”

McDaniel added that he had conversations with people about the ordinance not being enforced and about there being large crowds gathering on Broad Street and other places.

“I have been to places where I have seen a large number of people wearing masks and I have been other places where very few have been wearing masks,” he added.  “I think it really depends on an individual’s choice.  I don’t think we’ve written any citations for it, but i think a mask mandate is the right thing to do for the City of Rome.”

You can read the emergency ordinance requiring facial coverings HERE.