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Aggravated assault with pepper spray results in arrest

April 7th, 2021 – 4:20 PM

Staff Reports –

An Indianapolis, Indiana woman was arrested following what police called an “irate dispute” in the Hobby Lobby parking lot on North Market Square in Cartersville on Monday.

According to Cartersville Police Department Reports, the victim told police that 56-year old Susan Denise Abels left her shopping cart on the side walk.

It rolled from the side walk into the passenger side door of the victim’s 2021 Kia Soul, leaving a sizeable dent.

The victim said Abels shrugged off the incident.

Then when the victim went to get Abels’ tag number, Abels pepper-sprayed the victim in the face.

Abels then backed her vehicle into the victim and left the scene.

The victim was not injured by the vehicle but did receive treatment for the pepper spray.

Abels was later located in Emerson and arrested for aggravated assault and battery.