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The Rome Alcohol Control Commission discusses gaming machines

April 22nd, 2021 – 4:00 PM

The Rome Alcohol Control Commission –

There was a lengthy discussion concerning gaming machines in our community at the last Rome Alcohol Control Commission.

The Rome Police Department and the City Attorney’s Office have been reviewing the state statutes involving gaming machines, and the ACC is aware very that little authority is given to local governments concerning the regulation of coin-operated amusement machines.

Major Rodney Bailey with the Rome Police Department stated that the names and addresses of establishments that have coin-operated amusement machines that are registered with the Georgia Lottery Commission are available on the Georgia Lottery’s website.

Stephen Moseley stated that state statues allow up to nine gaming machines at any establishment; however, it appears that local governments can reduce that number to no more than six through the adoption of a local ordinance.

Local governments may also be able to require that gaming machines not be located in a backroom or any other screened area.

State statues require that no more than 50% of the total revenue from an establishment can come from gaming machine revenues.

City Staff will attempt to determine specifically which establishments have gaming machines, how many gaming machines are at each establishment, and the revenues from these gaming machines, if that information is available for review.

Detective Pete Sailors with the Rome Police Department was also present and added that there have been more incidents of armed robberies, employee theft, and other crime at establishments that have gaming machines, particularly those that stay open 24 hours a day.

Major Bailey will gather more data regarding crimes at these establishments.

The next ACC meeting is scheduled for May 17th.