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COVID-19 cases are down, but vaccine rates have slowed

June 2, 2021–5:47 p.m.


As we enter the summer months, we are continuing to see a decline in COVID-19 cases in Northwest Georgia.

According to the Georgia Department of Public Health, Floyd County has reported 60 positive test results in the last two weeks.

Compare that to December 10 when there were 132 confirmed cases reported in just one day.

Bartow County has seen 76 cases in the last two weeks while Gordon County had 31, Polk County has 11, and Chattooga County had 15.

Floyd County residents are still getting vaccinated, but there is still a long way to go.

As of Tuesday, 26,281 Floyd County residents had been fully vaccinated.

That is 27% of the population.

Gordon County, Polk County, and Chattooga County all have a 23% vaccination rate, while Bartow County is at 22%.