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City commission approves industrial wastewater surcharges

June 16, 2021–9:48 p.m.


The Rome City Commission has approved increases in industrial wastewater surcharges.

Prior to the vote, Water Reclamation Plan Director Johnny Massingill said this is not a local decision.

The changes are the result of federal law that requires the city to charge industries the cost of treating their waste.

“It is much cheaper for an industry to pay us than to have a full-time operator and the capital cost it would take to put in the required items needed,” Massingill said.

The implementation will take place in two phases, the first in July and full implementation will occur on January 1, 2022.

In other action, the commission approved a parking ordinance amendment that clarifies the procedure for notice, assessment, and trial for parking violations.

You can view the parking ordinance amendment HERE