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Calhoun Police warn of internet and phone scams

July 7th, 2021 – 3:25 PM

Calhoun Police Department –

The Calhoun Police Department has recently received numerous complaints pertaining to internet and phone scams.

While there are different variations of the scams most revolve around money orders, checks, or prepaid cards being sent to the perpetrator(s) of said scam, however, a resent
case of a face-to-face meeting resulted in the victim being scammed out of approximately eight thousand dollars.

In the latest’s versions of these scams, the con artist state, they are calling to inform you that you have missed a court date and if you do not send the amount of money requested you are subject to arrest. The caller has used the names of local law enforcement officers (Most likely taken from our Facebook Page) to threaten victims. The City of Calhoun Police Department will NEVER contact anyone demanding money for missed court dates or any reason period.

“There are so many variances of these scams, it is imperative that everyone remain diligent in their efforts to protect their personal and financial information”. Said Chief Pyle.

Anyone with questions or concerns about online, phone, or person-to-person scams are urged to contact their local jurisdictional law enforcement agency.