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Report: Argument over potato chips leads to assault

May 19, 2022–7:15 p.m.


Earlier this month, Summerville Police responded to a domestic dispute on Montgomery Street where witnesses said a man had hit someone else with a baseball bat after the two got into an argument over a bag of potato chips.

When police arrived on the scene and spoke with witnesses they told them that sixty-nine-year-old Melvin Bailey had struck another man several times with a baseball bat.  Officers found the victim who said that Bailey got upset because the victim had got the last bag of potato chips.  Bailey began screaming at the victim and calling him names and then proceeded to strike the victim several times with the baseball bat.

Officers said that they observed where the victim had been hit with the bat.

When officers spoke with Bailey, he told them that he was “starving” and got angry because the victim had eaten the last bag of potato chips.

Bailey was charged with aggravated assault, simple battery, and an additional charge of cruelty to children because the incident happened in the presence of several minor children.