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FCPD: Partners Help Lindale Clean-Up Succeed

Floyd County Police Department –

The Floyd County Police Department detailed the recent Lindale Clean-Up in the following press release:

“The success of a clean-up in Lindale and surrounding areas is credited to the residents and their love for their community. The clean-up included a mass education campaign and free garbage collection to
empower residents to improve their property.

The overarching plan of the clean-up initiative is to improve Floyd County and the lives of our community partners; one neighborhood at a time.

About 79 percent of homes identified as having a code violation were corrected. Some took a bit
longer, but thanks to the diligent work of code enforcement officer Katy Walters, the clean-up campaign
was a success.

Police now move to address derelict properties in Shannon using the same education
model and action plan that includes police, animal control, prison, public works and Rome-Floyd
Building Inspection.

Police identified 101 properties that needed work, including 17 that required significant
improvement. Officer Walters made contact with residents and worked to educate them on the code and
how to correct issues that would help them avoid a Magistrate citation. Because some clean-ups require
more work, the deadlines would sometimes change if the clean-up attempts were sincere.

Some residents were unable to transport garbage and debris so Floyd County drafted a plan to
empower the community by offering free, one-time roadside pick-up; anyone who was still out of
compliance after this free pick-up date was advised that they would be cited. Clean-up crews from the
Prison and Public Works coordinated a response plan and did a remarkable job completing the roadside
pick-ups in only one day.

Code enforcement issued four citations for violations of Floyd County ordinances as well as
violations of building codes.

Animal Control impounded 54 animals, issued 20 citations and 120 warnings. Additionally, Animal Control helped owners find assistance with the spay/neuter of more than 20 animals.

Animal Control and the sheriff’s office assisted 15 animal owners who were in violation of loose
animals by constructing kennels with help from Lindale Ace Hardware.

At the end of 11 weeks code enforcement reports that 79 of 101 properties were corrected, 14 are
still undergoing work and in four cases the police are still searching for the responsible party.”