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Rome Rotary Club provides assistance to the people of Ukraine

Monday, Jan. 2, 2023–9:44 a.m.

David Crowder, WRGA News

One of the Ukrainian citizens helped by a grant secured by the Rome Rotary Club

The Rome Rotary Club has been able to secure a grant to provide funding for much-needed supplies in war-torn Ukraine.

In October, Randy Sumner and Mary Hardin Thornton were notified that the Rome Rotary Club’s Disaster Response Grant application has been approved in the amount of $24,850.  

Sumner has connections in Ukraine and with the help of Janice Davis, Bruce Azevedo, and Tim Ranney at District 6910, Rome Rotary was able to work with Oksana Tjupa and her team at District 2232 in Ukraine, to purchase the following supplies:

  • 100 Beds, Ukraine – $8,320
  • 200 Mattresses, Poltavska region, Ukraine – $6,820
  • 200 sets of pillows and linens, Poltavska region, Ukraine – $7,560
  • Three water filters, Poltavska region, Ukraine – $2,150
Oksana Tjupa

The Rome Rotary Club also received the following message from Tjupa:

“Hello, dear Randy. Merry Christmas! From the bottom of my heart, I wish you good health, and joy in life. Thanks a lot for your help! War, rockets, and bombs destroy hundreds of houses every day, killing people and leaving them on the street without help. We continue to hold on and help the victims. God bless Ukraine! Thank you for your kindness and gift to people. Thank you so much for your kind hearts.”

Tjupa also sent photos of some of the people that the money has benefitted.