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Heavy rains lead to flooding of local roadways

Wednesday, Jan. 4, 2023–8:30 a.m.

David Crowder. WRGA News

Signs warn motorists of flooding on John Davenport Drive Wednesday morning (David Crowder, WRGA News)

Several roads in the city limits and rural areas of Rome and Floyd County are experiencing high water and flooding at this time.

Here is the updated list:

Old Rockmart Road at the old dump is expected to remain closed for about two more hours.

Rehoboth Road off Highway 411 South is impassable and signs are out warning motorists.

High water signs are also out on Bert Road, Berwin Road, Painter Road at Old Dalton Road, Hughes Dairy near Booze Mountain Road, and Radio Springs Road.

John Davenport Drive is closed between Second and Center Road.

Wrecks have been reported on Redmond at Walmart, North Broad at Five Points, and there is a vehicle down an embankment on Plemmons Road.

Previously reported:

There is high water on Chulio Road near Druid and Little Texas Valley Road at Scenic Road.

One eastbound lane of Turner McCall is now open after a tree fell across the road, blocking traffic.

There is high water throughout Garden Lakes, as well as Huffaker Road at the apartments near the railroad tracks, Glen Milner Boulevard, Coker Drive, Spout Springs Road, Highway 411 at Rehoboth Road, Calhoun Avenue at Grady, Williamson Street at Magnolia Avenue and John Davenport Drive

East 18th Street from Crane to Hull is closed

Dugger Drive from Burr Drive to Martha Berry Highway is closed

Lee Avenue at East 8th Street is impassible

There is a tree down and lanes are closed in the 600 block of Old Rockmart Road.