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ACC approves liquor license for Calhoun Avenue club and extended hours for Broad Street establishment

Tuesday, July 18, 2023–11:00 a.m.

-David Crowder, WRGA News-

Esha Sundrani makes her case for a liquor pouring license for a new bar, club, and lounge on Calhoun Avenue during Monday’s Rome Alcohol Control Commission meeting.

The Rome Alcohol Control Commission approved a liquor license for “Turn Up” at 1103 Calhoun Avenue, which is in the shopping center across from Atteriam Drive.

The applicant, Esha Sundrani, described the establishment as a club and bar with a lounge. There would be a dance floor, a DJ or live entertainment, gaming machines, and food sales. There are also plans to host special events. Sundrani told the ACC that she plans to hire eight security officers, some off-duty police officers, since the building has a capacity of around 600.

She was told that once her security plan is completed that she needs to meet with the Rome City Police Department to discuss it and get input.

Sundrani was also advised to keep accurate records of her food sales to make sure she is in compliance with the 50-50 ratio.

“My opinion is that you’re going to have a difficult time meeting that ratio,” Smith said. “That’s just based on what past experiences have shown us.”

Extended hours request approved for Alibi

Alibi at 214 Broad Street will be able to stay open later on certain dates for the remainder of the year after the ACC voted to approve a request from owner Brandon Pledger Monday.

Pledger wants to stay open until midnight for the First Friday concerts in August and September; Fiddlin’ Fest, Going Caching Rome, and Rome River Jam in October; a large concert at the Forum, Veterans Day, and the Rome Christmas Parade in November.

He also wants to stay open until 2 a.m. for a Roaring 20’s Party and Grand Opening on August 11, the US Marine Corps Birthday Party on November 10, and New Year’s Eve.

Pledger gave First Friday as an example of why he was seeking the extended hours, saying that when the concert lets out and people are going to Broad Street, he is already getting ready to close.

Alibi has a food-to-drink variance request which allows the sales of firearms and other merchandise to account for half of their sales instead of food.

2 a.m. is the usual time that alcohol sales end for establishments without a special condition permit.