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Calhoun police warn the community of counterfeit bills

August 10th, 2023 – 11:40 AM

The following is a press release from the City of Calhoun Police Department:

“Calhoun Police Detectives are currently working on three separate cases where counterfeit $50.00 are being passed. Below is an example of the fake banknotes that have been taken as evidence.

At first glance, the notes look like the real thing. Closer inspection reveals that the fake notes did not have any of the security features, the paper was smooth, the edges were not cropped evenly, and they contain the same serial numbers.

The known suspect who passed the fake bills has committed this crime at least 46 times in multiple states for a total of $45,000.

A few of the security features to look for:
– Color-shifting ink on the bill denomination in the bottom right-hand corner.
• Look for a watermark.
• Check for blurry borders, printing, or text.
• Look for raised printing.
• Check for a security thread with microprinting.
• Look for the ultraviolet glow.
• Check for red and blue threads.
• Check the serial number.
• Feel the paper. It should be slightly rough.

Due to the low accuracy rate, don’t depend heavily on the pen markers to verify money.

If you receive a bill that you think is fake, call the Calhoun Police Department and speak with an officer at (706) 629-1234.”