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Arrest reports for September 25

Monday, September 25, 2023–7:13 p.m.

-Floyd County Jail records-

Man charged with aggravated assault, animal cruelty

A Rome man has been arrested on a felony warrant charging him with aggravated assault.

According to the warrant:

34-year-old Austin Lee Long grabbed a woman by the throat and attempted to strangle her during an altercation on August 7 on Martha Berry Highway.

Long also pulled the victim’s hair out, took her phone, and threatened to kill her.

He then took the woman’s three-pound Chihuahua and threw it against a wall.

Long is additionally charged with battery, cruelty to animals, terroristic threats and acts, and theft by taking.

Two arrested on firearms-related charges

A 37-year-old Rome man was recently jailed on a felony warrant charging him with possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

According to the warrant:

Jeremy Lee Rampley was in possession of a Smith and Wesson pistol on August 19 while on the property of the East Rome Walmart.

Meanwhile, 39-year-old April Nicole Rampley was also arrested.

She is accused of providing the weapon and is charged with transferring a firearm to a person prohibited from having one.

Woman accused of stealing more than $2,700 from American Eagle

A 39-year-old Rome woman has been jailed on a felony count of theft by conversion.

According to the arrest warrant:

Tasia Anne Nance, while an employee at American Eagle in Mount Berry Mall, created multiple false return transactions from Nov. 21. 2022, to Aug. 5. 2023, and pocketed the money.

The total amount Nance took from American Eagle was listed at more than $2,700.

Man accused of making purchases with someone else’s financial transaction card

A homeless man is facing charges of financial transaction card fraud in connection with an incident on September 2.

According to Floyd County Jail records:

52-year-old William George Horn used someone else’s card without permission to make a transaction at the West Rome Walmart in the amount of $133.61.

He also used the card at the gas pump of a convenience store on Shorter Avenue.

That transaction was for $25.24.

Two arrested for drugs on Dean Avenue

Two people were arrested on drug charges during a traffic stop on Dean Avenue Sunday.

According to Floyd County Jail records:

57-year-old Michael Keith Wilkins was driving with a suspended driver’s license and with a license plate that was not registered to that vehicle.

Officers then found suspected methamphetamine, marijuana, and drug-related objects.

Wilkins and 45-year-old Shirley Jeanette Smith were both charged with possession of meth, possession of less than an ounce of marijuana, and possession of drug-related objects.