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Arrest reports for October 26

Thursday, October 26, 2023–12:16 p.m.

-Floyd County Jail records-

Three accused of stealing power

Three Lindale residents are accused of stealing $1,600 in electricity from Georgia Power.

According to Floyd County Jail records:

42-year-old Sandra Jean Baldwin, 35-year-old Margaret Louise Baldwin, and 45-year-old Glenn Franklin Hamilton were living at the residence on Cedartown Highway and managed to get power without paying for over three months.

All three are charged with tampering with utility services and theft of services.

Hamilton and Margaret Baldwin were additionally charged with possession of methamphetamine.

Hamilton also tried to hide and then attacked law enforcement officers, resulting in a felony obstruction charge.

It was also discovered he was wanted for drug offenses in Calhoun County, Alabama, resulting in an additional charge of fugitive from justice.

Woman charged in conspiracy to bring contraband into the Floyd County Prison

A 38-year-old Decatur woman was booked into the Floyd County Jail Wednesday on charges of conspiracy to commit a felony, possession of items prohibited for inmates, trafficking ecstasy, and trafficking methamphetamine.

According to Floyd County Jail records:

Yasmin Sheri Billingsley was part of a scheme to smuggle drugs and cell phones into the Floyd County Prison back in September.

She was heard during a call on the prison’s phone system receiving directions from an inmate.

She then relayed those directions to a man who was in the process of driving to the contraband drop location.

The contraband included close to 84 grams of meth, more than 165 grams of marijuana, 182 MDMA tablets, 173 grams of tobacco, two Nokia TracPhones, rechargeable batteries, and a charger.

Billingsley is also charged with possession of drugs with the intent to distribute and use of a communications device to commit a felony.